Fear and Bankruptcy in Las Vegas

September 6th, 2009 by Lance

The entertainment industry in Las Vegas has not been immune to the impact of the recession. Las Vegas bankruptcy case filings in July increased by 54% compared with the previous year.

In a metropolitan area where one industry is the focal point for the local economy, businesses that plan for an economic storm are the ones that survive.

Casino operators like Station Casinos, which filed for bankruptcy protection in July, are committed to keeping their business alive. They turn to bankruptcy as a method to achieve financial stability during a difficult economy, betting that the market and their customer base will eventually return.

You should approach your personal finances like savvy businesses; protect your core assets and plan for the future by partnering with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. You want the assurance that your financial decisions are grounded by lawyers who are experts in bankruptcy protection, including both federal and local regulations.

What rights does a debtor have to assume a contract after the estate rejects it? Under what circumstances would an appeal be dismissed? Selecting the bankruptcy law firm that is familiar with all regulations is a determining factor to the success of your finances.

In this economy, survival requires tough choices and a commitment to do whatever it takes. With the right guidance, bankruptcy can be the tool that protects your assets during the difficult economic road ahead. Partner with a bankruptcy attorney who places your financial recovery above all other goals.